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Families that tent together stay together, or so a loose paraphrase of a famous saying goes.

Our family did a lot of backpacking and tenting as our kids grew up. We had many great experiences along with a few rough spots.

But even the rough times can contribute to pulling a family together. It’s not trouble-less times that promote family bonding. Rather, it’s experiencing and surviving difficulties as a family that can  promote familial unity.

What’s camping about anyway? Luxury and comfort? Not tent camping, anyway.



Backpacking Photography Tips


I spent a number of years in Africa. And, some of the most pleasurable times I spent outside of my teaching assignments was observing wild game. There’s nothing like seeing a pride of dozens of lions up close or a pack of hyenas chasing wildebeests.

But you don’t have to go to Africa to observe wildlife. Take a look at this great article on wildlife that you can observe right here in the U.S. of A. Read the article and see photos.


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