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“An 11-mile rugged trail through Havasu Canyon in Arizona leads to an oasis in the middle of the scorching dessert. What one should expect at the road’s end, says Steve Sennott, is the spectacular view of the white Havasu Falls gushing down into the crystal-blue pond 100 feet below. The pond’s water cascades down layers of rocks, and the canyon walls shine in copper red as the sun goes down.

Sennott could easily recite such details from his trip five years ago because he captured them all in his photographs. From the Wave, the swirling layers of sandy rocks in Coyote Butts in Paria Canyon in Arizona, to the cobalt blue Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone National Park, Sennott has captured the natural wonders the country has to offer through his camera lenses over the years.

The photographs are a testament to Sennott being alive. And, he wants to keep visiting places and share the images with those who helped him receive a kidney transplant.

“Some people may say ‘tomorrow,’ but tomorrow may not happen,” Sennott said of traveling to places he’s never been. “So do it today.”

Sennott, a Pepperell resident of 18 years, is exhibiting about 60 colorful photographs he has taken while traveling to America’s West, Canada and Ireland at the Lawrence Library now through Aug. 13. He made all of the trips over the past five years along with his wife, Jackie, who donated her kidney to him in November 2004 to save him from a genetic disorder, polycystic kidneys, which causes swelling of the organ.”  Read more.


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