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Mesa Verde National Park is unique in that it is not one to conserve nature but rather human work and it was the first national park that preserved the works of humans. This awe-inspiring national park is not one to be missed. Take a trip and discover some of the culture told in these cliff dwellings.

Traveler’s Checklist: Mesa Verde National Park | National Parks

Situated on the Colorado Plateau in southwestern Colorado, Mesa Verde offers a wonderful opportunity to experience a unique cultural and physical landscape. Mesa Verde National Park, which was established in 1906 as the first national …

Publish Date: 05/17/2010 1:55

Mesa Verde National Park – New 2010 Visitor Experiences<br>in Mesa

Mesa Verde National Park joins with its partner, the nonprofit Mesa Verde Institute to provide visitors with new opportunities and experiences in the park this season. These three new hikes include a day-long hike to Spring House, …

Publish Date: 04/23/2010 15:41

Mesa Verde National Park – UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Some 600 ‘cliff dwellings’ have been recorded within Mesa Verde National Park, including the famous multi-storey ones such as Cliff Palace, Balcony House, and Square Tower House, built of sandstone and mud mortar, and an additional 4100 …

Publish Date: 04/23/2009 9:44


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