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Sunset at the farm at Capitol Reef
Image by CFBSr via Flickr

A truly unique experience at a National Park is… picking fruit? Yes, you can pick fruit at Capitol Reef National Park. Read these two articles on detailed information on how to pick your own fruit here. P.S. It is peach season and up next is pears.

Plan To Visit Capitol Reef National Park During Harvesttime

Those are some of the tasty treasures that await you at Capitol Reef National Park, and they’re yours for the pickin’. There also are some almond and walnut trees in historic Fruita, a settlement dating to 1880 when Mormon missionaries …

Publish Date: 04/16/2010 0:02

Pick Peaches in Capitol Reef National Park | Bryce Canyon | NileGuide

Fruit harvest is in full swing at Capitol Reef National Park. Home of the Park system’s oldest and largest fruit orchards, the delicious crops are available to the public for picking throughout the season. What’s in season right now? …

Publish Date: 08/23/2010 18:28


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