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Acadia National Park is the only National Park in the Northeastern United States.

Here is some current news on the State of Maine’s Acadia National park:

Bubble Pont from south, Acadia National Park, ...
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National Parks Adventure | Chickering Reports

Acadia National Park is located in Maine on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. There is a lot to do in Acadia National Park! You could go tidepooling, horseback riding, fishing, rock climbing, boating, swimming and more! …

Publish Date: 06/14/2010 7:08

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Mark Your Calendars: Acadia National Park’s Night Skies To Be

If your idea of an excellent trip to a national park includes gazing at the starry skies overhead, consider making plans to visit Acadia National Park in September when the 2nd Annual Acadia Night Sky Festival is celebrated. …

Publish Date: 06/13/2010 0:19


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