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In contact with a young Elk

Sweet Valentines kisses from Moose 😉

Moose is in the deer family. The same animal is called the Elk in Europe. The Elk is considered the national animal of Sweden and Norway. In both countries it is often, probably because of the crown-like shape of its antlers, referred to as "the King of the forest". European rock drawings and cave paintings reveal that the elk or moose has been hunted since the Stone Age.

Photo taken in Vassfaret Bjørnepark – Norway. Vassfaret is a forest valley between Hallingdal and Valdres. It is about 30 km long, with large lakes and rivers with remnants from the timber floating era. In Vassfaret Bjørnepark (Bear Park) there are 7 bears in an area of 40.000 sq. meters. As you can see there are mooses as well 😉.



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