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Spring is a great season to check out the infamous Grand Canyon. It is both breathtaking and daring. Here are some articles on how to camp and explore this great place.

So you say you've never seen the Grand Canyon

It’s surprising, really, the number of Americans who haven’t visited the Grand Canyon. There are those who have visited all manner of man-made fluffery in France and swear by the all-you-can-consume, all-inclusive resorts of Mexico, … Second, there are gorgeous, shady spots for camping (no hookups at the campgrounds inside the park, but there are places on the way, check here for details. Third, there are many options for getting exercise, including hiking and biking, …

Publish Date: 04/06/2011 17:52

Hiking the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon National Park offers a variety of choices to experience the inside of the Canyon; guided tours, mule trips, river trips, hiking and camping. If you are interested in backpacking and camping on your own, you must acquire …

Publish Date: 07/14/2009 3:00


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