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Do you hike or camp with your kids? They need quality equipment also. Don’t skimp. Keep them safe and warm.

Here are some considerations for choosing a sleeping bag that will do just that.

1. Think about your child’s warmth and comfort while he or she is sleeping outdoors or in a tent.

2. Make sure you choose a high-quality bag that will perform in unpredictable outdoor weather.

3. Choose a bag, for quality and size, that will last several years until the child grows out of it.

4. If your kid will be carrying his or her bag in a backpack, consider carefully the weight. Sleeping bags typically make up a good deal of the weight carried on one’s back.

5. Consider a bag that has a draft collar and a hood to keep the little body warmer and prevent air from entering the bag.

6. Consider buying a bag that has a draft tube protecting the zipper from invading cold air.

7. Look for a sleeping bag that has no cords that your kid can get tangled up in while sleeping.

Camping and hiking with kids can be very rewarding. Providing good sleeping bags and other quality equipment is important to make the experience pleasurable and safe.



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Headlamps Worked Great for Hiking

Learn survival skills playing with Survival Playing Cards.


Carry your illumination on your head while hiking and keep your hands free to do what they need to do in the wilderness.

Once limited to spelunkers and mountain bikers, headlamps are now becoming more and more popular among hikers and backpackers. Hiking with a headlamp has now pretty much lost its nerdy reputation.

Here are some reasons why you should consider replacing your flashlight with a headlamp:



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Edible Wild Plants Cards

For Your Backpacking First Aid Kit

Maintaining proper hydration while hiking and backpacking is essential for for health.

Inadequate hydration can contribute to a host of ills, including heat stroke and fatigue, on the trail.

For a complete list of the physical problems that can result from dehydration, read this blog post on hydration management. You’ll also learn several ways to purify water.

Make your hiking and backpacking the pleasure they were meant to be by hydrating properly.


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Unplug and Connect with Silence